Fathers Day

Father’s Day is a Worthwhile Celebration, Too

Have you ever noticed that Mother’s Day seems to get all the hype and Father’s Day comes as a bit of an afterthought? Did you know that it is estimated that $8.5 billion less will be spent on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day (In Christine Park’s post, Father’s Day Spending Lags Behind Mother’s Day, it claims, “Father’s Day spending will average $115.57 per person, or an additional $12.7 billion dollars for retailers, versus the $21.2 billion estimate they spent for Mother’s Day.”)?

Fathers play a huge role in our life, and yet somehow we don’t always see the need to give them special treatment on the day that has been permanently set aside for them since 1972 (observed by many for over 60 years before that).

Some may argue that dads aren’t sentimental and don’t care about having a day to celebrate them. Others might say that dads tend to buy what they want, so they are difficult to buy for, or maybe the things they do want are just too expensive. Some dads even tell their kids not to get them anything.

Whatever the case, put these excuses aside and celebrate fathers because they are special and worth it! Here are a couple of ideas for celebrating dad this year and letting him know you love him.

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