Color Wheel

Choosing the Colors in Your World – part one: Imagination

If you are thinking of redecorating your home, take time to reflect on the colors you might choose.

People often make the mistake of choosing something (a couch, a pillow) because they like its color, but they don’t stop to consider if it will look good in its surrounding. If you are redoing everything, plan a color palette. Then start with a favorite large object, for example, countertops, fireplace stones, or a large rug. Use the thing you pick as a reference and work from there.

Color WheelThe visual world enters our imagination in “living color.” The things we see may be big, small, round, square, flat, near or far. But, they are also red, blue, yellow, magenta, ochre and Chartreuse. Color is so essential to us that we express non-visual ideas through it. The blue portion may be the hottest part of the flame, but we say things are red-hot. Are you a little down? Then you’re feeling kinda blue. Coveting something? You are green with envy.

The Chicago School of Media Theory states “The word “color” refers to a basic and nearly immediate property by which something presents itself to its audience. Nearly every sensuous medium possesses, produces, or inspires a sense of color.”

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