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Be Prepared Before Participating in Extreme Sports

If you are serious about playing extreme sports, you had better be serious about your training. You cannot responsibly participate without being properly prepared. The result may end in injury and serious setbacks in your physical health.

Extreme Sports is an allure for many that cannot be ignored. It is an itch that must be scratched. Extreme Sports that have become most popular in recent years are rock climbing, trail running, and maybe even the most recent is bicycle motocross. These are action sports that demand mental and physical control.

There is also the more known extreme sport that has made a resurgence. Skateboarding started in the 50’s and restarted in the 70’s. In the 90’s it lost its momentum and has now regained popularity and is experiencing an evolution into high-tech that ensures this sport is here to stay.

As The Bootcamp states in its article Preparing for Extreme Sports: Training for the impossible

“Cardiovascular training is another often neglected aspect of many workout regimens. While HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is often recommended for most athletes, something that drains your energy within 20 minutes isn’t going to be much help when you’re faced with a marathon up ahead. You must condition your muscles and lungs to be prepared for longer excursions and to teach yourself how to efficiently spend your energy. These conditioning exercises must be well thought out prior to embarking on your extreme sport escapade to avoid injury and above all; enjoy your time!”

cardiovascular exerciseTime can be the issue that causes this sensible advice to be ignored. Check out our post on How Do I Improve My Health With No Time Available For Me. In addition, consider getting an in-home gym set. Do your research. Get what fits your body’s needs and your health goals. If you need help in making that choice, call us at AddvantageUSA at 888-601-5527.

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The Basic Equation for Weight Loss to Keep That New Year’s Resolution

You can manage your weight through a basic equation: Calories Consumed – Calories Burned

It’s the New Year and the time is right for all kinds of New Year’s resolutions, including “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to be healthier”.  The US Government has an entire web site dedicated to weight management and physical activity.  It’s no surprise that this resolution is so popular, because it can also be the most complex.  But it doesn’t have to be.

Start with the basic equation: calories in minus calories out, with the objective to have a negative number in the end, and customize the routine specifically for you.

You can reduce “calories in” by choosing leaner meats, substituting vegetables for carbs, and reducing sugar-rich drinks throughout the day – easily eliminating 1,000 calories per day.  There are also nutrition supplements on the market, which help increase your metabolism and curb your appetite.  These can help you reach your desired outcome faster.

For the “calories burned” side of the equation, things get exciting and fun!  There are a variety of ways you calorie burn throughout the day, from walking and running to weight training and interval training, but it should start with a goal.  Keeping in mind that 3,500 calories represent one pound of fat, you can set your weight loss goals with a target weekly pound loss target and calculate the calories you need to burn (based on your target calorie intake) to reach that goal.

Here are the three keys to health & fitness success:

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How Do I Improve My Health With No Time Available For Me

How do people improve their health in these crazy times?

In a time when we have no time, it is inspiring to hear the success that people like Maggie Ross have had. As Maggie says:

I stopped worrying about skipping a workout.

Because of my setbacks in training, I had to skip workouts in my training schedule. Even though at the time I was freaking out that I wouldn’t be ready come the time, it turns out I was more than prepared. Now, I don’t sweat it if I sleep in instead of hitting the gym or if I skip a run to go have a drink with friends. In the long haul, my mental health is more important than a workout – I can catch up tomorrow.

Maggie gets it. Our everyday pressures and stresses created the situation we are in. Pressure and stress are not going to help us get out of it. We should recognize the behavior that we have developed that has caused our health to be less than great. Then we need to flow through the behavioral changes to a successful and healthy life.

Now that our head is on straight, we can take the practical steps that will help us achieve our goals. One of those steps is to have exercise equipment right on our own home. It seems to be just too much sometimes to get dressed in the proper workout gear (you have to look good even when you know you will be a sweaty mess in the end), then get in the car, drive to the gym, and so on.

Consider getting an in-home gym set. Do your research. Get what fits your body’s needs and your health goals. If you need help in making that choice, call us at AddvantageUSA at 888-601-5527.

What steps have you taken in your busy schedule to help meet your goals?

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Functional Training Allows Natural Movement When Exercising

Functional training is preferred by many because it allows natural movement during your exercise program. You can mimic regular tasks or everyday situations during your exercise program. To build strength and endurance using natural movement allows you to adapt your exercises specifically to your sport or your everyday activities.

As Fabio Martella says. “Functional training is the utilization of exercises which involve complex, multi-joint movements of the upper body, core and lower body. These movements enable greater overall bodily functioning and performance enhancement through improved coordination and the proper stimulation of muscular firing patterns.

This can lead to better muscular balance and joint stability, decreasing the possibility of injuries. If you are an athlete wanting to improve your performance or a parent that wants to safely carry their children, functional training is designed to assist you.

Exercise devices that do not employ functional training, such as fixed training equipment that you may see in your local gym, restrict movements to a single plane of motion. This is can be simulation of unnatural forms of movement. Functional training builds strength and endurance using natural body movement.


Addvantage USA offers the BFFT10 Best Fitness Functional Trainer that features adjustable pulleys which swivel 180 degrees providing a wide variety of starting positions. If you would like to learn more about functional training, contact AddvantageUSA at 888.601.5527.