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How Long Your Perfume Will Last Depends on Where You Apply the Perfume

Did you know that where you apply your perfume can have an impact on how long your perfume will last?

The length of time a perfume lasts is actually determined by the level of concentration of the perfume. We just want to get the most of that time. The levels of concentration are Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and finally Eau de Cologne. Perfumes last the longest, as this is the highest concentration of the fragrance. Perfume can last as long as 7 hours. Eau de parfum can last up to 5 hours; and so on. As the concentration level decreases, the length of time the scent is available shortens.

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Why Does the Fragrance of Perfume Change

The fragrance of a perfume can mysteriously change. Why is that?

As an example, you remember the enchanting fragrance of the perfume your friend was wearing at a recent gathering. You thought to yourself that you must have it for yourself. You rush to the store the next day, find the perfume by name, try it – but, the fragrance is not the same.

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What Kind of Perfume to Buy

Selecting a woman’s perfume is an art. Understanding and appreciating the different types of perfume, knowing how long fragrance lasts, and learning the best ways to apply fragrance can be as challenging (and as fun) as the art of the wine connoisseur.

A man going to buy perfume starts out with the misconception that if the love-of-his-life were with him, she would know everything there is to know about perfume selections. Wrong.

Bond no 9 Bleeker StreetThe woman wearing the fragrance has questions like, Why does my perfume smell different after 30 minutes than it did when I first put it on? How long will it last? Why does my Mom’s perfume, which I put on when I played ‘dress up’ as a young girl, not have the same fragrance on me now that I am older? And more.

Let’s begin with the basic differences between perfume, cologne and the others. We will cover all of these questions here and in future posts.

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