Mototec Wheelman

The Evolution of Skateboarding to the Motorized Wheelman

If you want to get your young son or daughter out of the house and away from the video games, the newest motorized skateboard called a Wheelman could very well be the solution.

A Wheelman can go over smooth surfaces or off-roading in the grass or dirt. The large wheels gives the rider options of different terrains and surfaces to cruise.

This new generation skateboard has a center mounted engine that can be gas or electric with a frame supported at each end by two-wheel. Your feet are inserted into the two wheels while standing upright. You balance like a traditional skateboard but have much greater flexibility as to where you ride.

Generally consensus says skateboarding began in the 1950’s, although no one can say who developed the first skateboard. Many attached a wooden box to an old pair of roller skates. no one was yet buying a skateboard from a store pre-made. In the sixties, skateboarding was having its first peak as a fun pastime. Skateboard companies began mass producing skateboards as single planks of wood with roller skate type wheels.

The fad faded until it restarted in the mid 70’s and continued strong through the 80’s. The technology took a leap in the way the wheels were made and their design. This catapulted the skateboard from being a pastime to being a recognized sport because of the added tricks that took skill and athleticism. There was a mild pause in the popularity of skateboarding in the 90’s where it lost its momentum. But X Games gave skateboarding the attention it needed to regain its fan base.

The evolution for the skateboard would not stand still. Motors have been added while still maintaining the same physical posture and skills used in the originally designed skateboard. The motor can be gasoline powered or electric. An example of an electric-powered skateboard is the MotoTec Wheelman V2 1000W. Its maximum speed is 20 MPH with a ride time of 1.5 hours. The frame is aluminum with a finger throttle and a cable disc brake. The recommended Age is 16+ years old.

The skateboard continues to get kids out of the house doing an athletic activity that takes practice and is physically healthy. If you are looking to acquire a MotoTec Wheelman on monthly payments while improving your credit, contact AddvantageUSA at 888-601-5527.

Child about to eat vegetables, and fruit

How I Convinced My Picky Child to Eat Vegetables

By: Lauren Lowery

I have nightmares from childhood of sitting at the table for what seemed like hours with different colored vegetables staring me down. I hated them. I didn’t care if they were good for me. And I definitely didn’t appreciate having to stay at the table until I ate them all. As I matured, I learned to like them somewhat better, and I definitely gained respect for their health value in my diet.

Then I had my own kids and faced the same fight I put my parents through as my kids wanted nothing to do with these same foods. I felt my kids’ pain remembering many of the bitter flavors that made me wish we had a dog who would rescue me from this torture, and yet I understood the need for nutrition in their growing bodies.

My world was turned upside down, in a good way, when I finally tasted my first fruit and vegetable smoothie and realized it was really good. I had heard of people adding things like kale or broccoli to a smoothie, but the thought of it made me cringe imagining how terrible it would taste. But one afternoon, I was convinced to taste a smoothie with broccoli and spinach, balanced with yogurt and fruit. To my delight, it was delicious, and I haven’t looked back since.

I started making them more and offered them to my children as well. To my utter surprise, even my pickiest little eater drank it all right up. As we have grown more adventurous in our smoothie making, we have tried all different kinds of vegetables, fruits, texture enhancers (i.e. yogurt or avocado), and add-ons (which can add flavor and/or nutrition). Almost every time, we have a winner that the whole family enjoys.

The post A Healthy Beverage is a Choice, states, “Health begins with what we eat and drink.” It was difficult for me to believe that drinking blended fruits and vegetables counts towards health. I figured blending it up stripped it of its nutritional benefits. However, my doctor persuaded me that blenders keep good nutrients and fibers in the smoothie. Further, I’ve learned that you can pack a smoothie with such a variety of powerful ingredients that you end up getting more nutrients and benefits in one smoothie than you would often get in one meal.

The key is making sure you are putting good items into your smoothies and using a quality blender that can provide a nice consistency. The post Health Benefits of Smoothies suggests, “The best smoothies are made with natural, all real, nutrient-dense ingredients that provide vitamins and oils necessary for good more complete nutrition.”

So what are you waiting for? Go try a fruit and vegetable smoothie today, and don’t be surprised when your kids ask for seconds.

Visit AddvantageUSA to learn more about the perfect blender for making a delicious and healthful smoothie.

Quadra Bike at AddvantageUSA

Is There a Four Wheeler That Changes into a Bike As My Child Grows?

Spring is here, and daylight is lasting longer. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy evenings outside with your family. And now those evenings can be even more enjoyable for you if you get your youngsters a new bike.

But, have you ever wondered why you paid so much for a young child’s bicycle that only lasted a few months before it was outgrown? Many parents spend countless numbers of dollars on riding toys: starting with four-wheeled scoot toys, moving into buying a tricycle and eventually buying bicycles.

Did you know there is a bike that can grow with your child? This bike, which is designed for 3-6 year olds, easily changes from a quad to a trike to a bike. So it actually grows with your children giving them years of fun.

The bike is called the quadra byke. Now you can get all three bikes at one, affordable cost.

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