Tired Mom

A Tired Mom’s Guide to Feeling Refreshed

I have an almost five-year old and a just turned three-year old, and nobody told me that interrupted nighttime sleep would come back to haunt me at this stage in the game. I thought that was a thing for parents of newborns only, but my three-year-old is determined to stay dry all night, so with his little bladder, that means wake up calls every night. And somehow my four-year old got the memo that this was happening and didn’t want to be left out, so she has been waking us up after bad dreams.

So how does a tired mom ever feel refreshed? Here are a few tips to help out, whether you are exhausted from the newborn months or are having a relapse a few years down the road.

Eat Regularly and Drink Water

Make sure you are eating regularly throughout the day and not skipping meals. This is imperative in keeping energy high. It’s easy to skip a meal, especially breakfast when you’re busy with the kids in the morning, or when you’re just too tired to think about what you may want to eat, but don’t fall into this temptation. Keep your body fueled up with healthy food.

Also remember to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water all day long. This not only can give you energy, but it is also good for your skin.

Let Dad Help

Sometimes as moms, we feel like we have to do it all. Other times our kids insist we do it all. Don’t let either one of these thoughts rule your life. Not only are dads capable of helping, but they often want to help, but sometimes they need to be given permission. So, step back and let Dad lend his helping hand and enjoy some time alone, whether you need a nap, time out of the house away from everyone, or just a nice, relaxing bath.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

If possible, get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine every day. As stated in the post 6 Tips for Tired Moms, “Head outside or open the windows…The fresh air & sunshine makes everyone feel a little happier and revived! If it’s raining or just simply too hot to play outside, I will open the windows.  The sounds of nature & the slight breeze makes us all feel a little happier, even if we are stuck inside the house.”

Eye Cream

If all else fails, invest in some good eye cream. We all have days when we feel like those bags under our eyes couldn’t be puffier or the dark circles make us look like raccoons. Why not pamper yourself with a nice hydrating cream or gel that helps reduce that puffiness and makes us feel better about facing the tough days?

If you would like help finding the right eye cream for you, contact AddvantageUSA. We are happy to help!

Girls taking care of their hair

Tips for Keeping Beautiful, Healthy Hair

We all have at least one friend who seems to have the perfect hair every day. It can be really irritating when you feel like you’re stuck having a bad hair day for life. Don’t fret. With a few simple beauty tips, you can turn yourself into that person who’s known for having beautiful, healthy hair all the time.

Diet Matters

Start off by caring about what you’re putting into your body. A balanced diet can enhance the health of your hair more than you realize. Eating plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables is a key component in keeping your hair healthy and young looking.

Clean Matters

You may think that clean hair means washing it every day, but in actuality you only need to wash your hair two or three times a week to keep it clean. Washing it more frequently can lead to stripping your scalp of natural oils.

The more important thing is to wash properly. Shampoo should be used mainly around the roots. Make sure you massage the shampoo into the scalp, which stimulates circulation and promotes healthy hair. Also, be sure to thoroughly rinse all of the shampoo out of your hair. When using conditioner, instead of concentrating on the roots, focus on the ends of the hair.

Heat Matters

Washing hair properly is helpful, but the temperature of the water is important too. It’s better to stick with cool or warm water, as hotter water can dry out your hair and even lead to your hair breaking more easily. This is also true for the use of styling products. When using a hairdryer, use a cool setting and try to hold the dryer further away from your head instead of right on top of it. You may want to use a flat iron to reduce frizz or a curling iron to add body to your locks, but try not to overdo it, and when possible, use lower heat settings with those as well.

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Woman applying face cream

Consider Facial Lifting Creams as an Alternative to Botox and Plastic Surgery

As we age, wrinkles begin to show. Alternatives such as Botox or plastic surgery are not options for everyone because of expense, time and medical concerns. There are other less intrusive choices, such as facial exercise and creams.

Facial exercise has been a long used method for wrinkle reduction. In recent times, this method has been enhanced by electrical devices providing Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS is an alternative that comes with varied opinions regarding its effectiveness for the reduction of face wrinkles. Although EMS has been accepted as successfully toning muscles, the use of EMS on the face has supporters and doubters. The additional, and maybe more interesting point, about the use of EMS on face wrinkles is the recommended use of a conductive gel before the EMS treatment. This increases the expense, effort and mess.

Creams are an easy to use alternative. Traditional moisturizer, for instance, can help reduce the site of wrinkles. However, there are highly advanced creams developed for the specific purpose of facial lifting.

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