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How to Easily Synchronize Your Home Interior with the Seasons of the Year

The color of pillows can be used to connect your home decor with the season of the year. The result is a warm and inviting space for entertaining and relaxing because the home’s interior is synchronized with the mood and weather outside.

Nothing feels better than a home that has colors that match the season. So, enhance the entire look of your home by matching it to the season using a simple method of changing out pillows. When your guests walk in, they will feel a strong level of comfort, but, not quite understand why. You will know that the color palette you are displaying through the pillows is causing a synchronization of your guests mood with your home.

Each season has a color palette, as depicted in this Pinterest Pin. Although this article relates the colors of the season to a person’s skin tone, we can extract the same guidelines for our home.

Spring is a beautiful color palette, that is warm and fresh echoing growth and rebirth. While Summer is soft, cool and calm relating to the lazy days of the mid-year. Autumn is warm and rich followed by Winter that is bold, cool and crisp.

The challenge is to pick colors that match the season while at the same time not clashing with the color of the couch, bed or bench that you are accenting with the pillows. To help with this, we suggest you refer back to our previous posts on how to use a color wheel.

As we stated in Choosing the Colors in Your World – part one: Imagination, “People often make the mistake of choosing something (a couch, a pillow) because they like its color, but they don’t stop to consider if it will look good in its surrounding. If you are redoing everything, plan a color palette.”

After you have identified your color, look at the color directly across the wheel from it. This opposing Color Wheelcolor on the wheel is known as the complimentary color. It has the highest contrast to the first color. The further you move around the wheel and away from your color the less similarity they have.

Here’s a page that explains basic color theory to teachers of school kids from Donna Young’s Exploring Color Theory. Or, for those who like academic studies, check out the Dimensions of Colour from David Briggs.

So, you can use the colors of the season to create a warm and comfortable place for your guests and your family by merely using pillows as accent pieces. The base colors of the season are chosen first followed by complimentary colors using the Color Wheel appropriately. But do not stress trying to be scientifically perfect. Use the guidelines as nothing more than guidelines, while you use your own preference and intuitive feelings to create a mood in your home that people will not want to leave.

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