DeWALT Reconditioned Drill Kit

What does DeWALT Reconditioned mean?

DeWALT Reconditioned is a brand name owned by the DeWALT company. It is only applied to (1) DeWALT tools that (2) were returned to DeWALT, and (3) reconditioned by DeWALT.

You’ve heard the old saying, “it’s just like new.” With DeWALT Reconditioned Tools that’s a fact. These reconditioned tools have been restored to the same performance standards as new. And, DeWALT backs it up with the same Limited Lifetime Warranty they give with their new tools.

You might ask, “are they used tools.” The answer is no. These are the types of tools that can become DeWALT Reconditioned:

  • Store display tools: These are the ones that are placed in stores to show off their inventory. They are routinely recycled back to DeWALT.
  • Customer returns: These are tools that customers return to a store, often because the customer gets the tool home and says, “wait, that’s not the thing I need.” If a tool has had any real use, it does not make it into the reconditioning assembly line.
  • Overstocks: Most DeWALT Reconditioned Tools were inventory for a store that stocked too many tools. Many that aren’t sold are returned to the factory. These tools will be examined and tested, and, if they pass the test they become DeWalt Reconditioned.

Since 1922, DeWALT has been one of the world’s best known and most trusted brands of power tools. It made its reputation as a “great company” by manufacturing top line power tools. Though it has added additional lines, such as hand tools, mechanics tools, and accessories, power tools remain the core business of DeWALT.

DeWALT earned its reputation two ways:

  • First, by making great products. DeWalt Power Tools are often described as sturdy, rugged, dependable, reliable, and high performance.
  • Second, by standing behind its products. DeWalt tools come with an industry recognized Limited Lifetime Warranty.

All of this means you can depend on DeWalt Reconditioned the same way that you would depend on tools new from DeWALT. Same tool, same company, same warranty, and same great quality. Check out DeWALT Reconditioned Tools.


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