National Ice Cream Month

Let’s Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

We are a people who love to celebrate. Give us an excuse, and we will celebrate just about anything, especially if it has to do with food. Search the internet, and you can probably find a day to celebrate your favorite food with others who adore it as much as you do.

Take July alone, and you will find a long list of wonderful foods that have been given a day in their honor. National Chocolate Day, Sugar Cookie Day, Tapioca Pudding Day, National Caviar Day, Junk Food Day, National Lasagna Day, and National Cheesecake Day are just a few that are celebrated in July. But one that can’t be overlooked is National Ice Cream Day. It’s such a favorite that it doesn’t stop with just the day, but rather the whole month of July is known as National Ice Cream Month.

This wonderful celebration started back in 1984, when President Ronald Reagan declared the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day and the whole month as National Ice Cream Month. Ice cream is such a beloved treat that the International Dairy Foods Association claims, “About 10.3 percent of all the milk produced by U.S. dairy farmers is used to produce ice cream, contributing significantly to the economic well-being of the nation’s dairy industry.”

You can enjoy it at your favorite local ice cream shop, buy it at the local grocery store, or better yet, experiment with making it right in the comfort of your own home. You may want to start with the basic flavors, but don’t be afraid to get creative and try mixing it up with different flavors and toppings. Check out Kristin Appenbrink’s post, 30 Must-Try Ice Cream Recipes for National Ice Cream Day, for a variety of combinations, some of which you probably wouldn’t think of on your own. You may even stumble across some recipes that will trick your pickiest little eater into eating some healthy ingredients hidden in this delectable treat.

So don’t miss out on all of the fun this month! Make sure you are taking time to enjoy this creamy and cool treat in all its greatness. And, visit AddvantageUSA to learn more about the ice cream makers we offer, and find the one that will help you make ice cream you can enjoy all year-long.

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