Dad helping son make a Mother's Day gift

5 Ways to Make Mom feel Special on Mother’s Day: A Dad’s Guide

She’s the woman who brought your children into this world. She takes care of them like only a mother can. You love and adore her, and so do your kids, but sometimes you forget to let her know how special she really is.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to show her how much she means to you. Here are five simple ideas to make her feel extra special this Mother’s Day.

Give her a day to herself

We all appreciate some time alone to do what we want, but it’s a luxury that is often overlooked for mothers. Give her a day where she can focus on her own interests and not have to worry about if she’ll be home in time to take her preteen to practice or put her toddler down for a nap. One mother suggested, “Let her choose a day that works for her.  If she is the mother of young children, take the kids for the day and let her enjoy some alone time.  Every mother needs some time to herself to recharge!”

Make something for her

All moms like something that comes from the heart. Help small children pick out a coloring page to color or let them create a card for her. Encourage older kids to write a letter or poem about what they love about her. You can even search the internet for easy homemade gift ideas and find instructions to making a simple gift that Mom is sure to treasure.

Pamper her

Instead of taking her to the spa, bring the spa to her. Set some time aside for her to relax away from everyone. Draw a nice warm bath for her with her favorite bath salts. Line the counters with candles. Allow her to soak and read her favorite book or just sit in solitude without interruption.

Do her chores

While she’s relaxing in the tub, take some time to tidy up the house. Is the kitchen clean? Does the floor need to be vacuumed? Is there laundry to be folded? Look around and see what needs to be cleaned and do it! She will love the fact that she’s getting a break from her typical chores around the house, and you will earn some extra points for recognizing a need without it being pointed out to you.

Buy a thoughtful gift

This is often our biggest challenge. But take some time to think about her interests, and look for a gift that fits. Does she love specialty coffee drinks? Consider buying her a Espresso Maker so she can make her own espresso, cappuccino or latte. Whatever it is, make sure it keeps her interest and needs in mind.

Addvantage USA is here to help. We can’t come clean your house for you, but we can help you find the perfect gift to make Mom feel special on her special day. Shop online and pay over time or call us today! (888.601.5527)

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