AddvantageUSA is Committed to Fighting Online Fraud

AddvantageUSA is committed to protect against the growing number of eCommerce hackers, frauds and thieves.

We have issued a press release “AddvantageUSA Announces New Initiatives to Fight Online Fraud” highlighting our collaboration with law enforcement agencies, merchant associations and consumer protection groups. AddvantageUSA has contracted with third-party software providers, such as Kount™, to detect fraud and prevent theft in real-time. We have also become a member of the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) and associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

Internal processes and procedures at AddvantageUSA have been implemented to detect and respond immediately to fraudulent activity occurring within our online store. These processes and procedures identify the thieves who are pretending to be customers, but, are actually attempting fraud against AddvantageUSA. Using the experience of consultants that are experts in this area, employee education and internal manual processes have been implemented so AddvantageUSA can react immediately and decisively when fraudulent activity occurs.

The benefit of developing a defense for fraudulent activities at AddvantageUSA goes beyond just our company. Our actions will help the Internet continue to be a safe place for eCommerce retailers to provide services to their customers in a safe and secure environment.

Company spokesman, David de Pingre, noted in the press release, “AddvantageUSA is committed to a vibrant Internet economy, and we will continue to invest in fraud detection, crime prevention, and loss reduction resources that support this commitment.” Read the AddvantageUSA press release to learn more about AddvantageUSA’s commitment to fighting online fraud.


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