Quadra Bike at AddvantageUSA

Is There a Four Wheeler That Changes into a Bike As My Child Grows?

Spring is here, and daylight is lasting longer. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy evenings outside with your family. And now those evenings can be even more enjoyable for you if you get your youngsters a new bike.

But, have you ever wondered why you paid so much for a young child’s bicycle that only lasted a few months before it was outgrown? Many parents spend countless numbers of dollars on riding toys: starting with four-wheeled scoot toys, moving into buying a tricycle and eventually buying bicycles.

Did you know there is a bike that can grow with your child? This bike, which is designed for 3-6 year olds, easily changes from a quad to a trike to a bike. So it actually grows with your children giving them years of fun.

The bike is called the quadra byke. Now you can get all three bikes at one, affordable cost.

British designer Tony Wayman “pulled from his years of experience in the bicycle industry to create a fun, yet safe, toy, which conforms to European and US safety standards. In developing the QuadraByke, Tony focused on creating a wheeled toy that would allow for a degree of growth and capture the imagination and stimulate a sense of adventure in young riders while providing them with the safest possible riding environment.”

This product encourages your child’s growth and development. Starting with developing the skills of pushing forward while sitting, your child will have fun right from the start. As he learns to pedal, you can quickly and easily change the bike from four to three wheels. The tricycle stage can be used all the way until your child acquires more balance, at which point, you can again change the wheels from three to two. The axle system is so simple you can change it with no tools at all.

Of course, no one wants to sacrifice a quality product with an affordable cost. No problem here. The metal frame and puncture proof rubber tires are ready for the rough playtime little ones are known for. This product has proven to have high durability, leaving you assured that you have a quality product.

If you are interested in learning more about the quadra byke or other summer fun items for kids, call AddvantageUSA. We would love to get you set up with your child’s spring and summer outdoor fun!

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