Woman applying face cream

Consider Facial Lifting Creams as an Alternative to Botox and Plastic Surgery

As we age, wrinkles begin to show. Alternatives such as Botox or plastic surgery are not options for everyone because of expense, time and medical concerns. There are other less intrusive choices, such as facial exercise and creams.

Facial exercise has been a long used method for wrinkle reduction. In recent times, this method has been enhanced by electrical devices providing Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS is an alternative that comes with varied opinions regarding its effectiveness for the reduction of face wrinkles. Although EMS has been accepted as successfully toning muscles, the use of EMS on the face has supporters and doubters. The additional, and maybe more interesting point, about the use of EMS on face wrinkles is the recommended use of a conductive gel before the EMS treatment. This increases the expense, effort and mess.

Creams are an easy to use alternative. Traditional moisturizer, for instance, can help reduce the site of wrinkles. However, there are highly advanced creams developed for the specific purpose of facial lifting.

The advanced creams designed to restore a youthful look provide a means for facial lifting. These products relax, fill and lift expression lines reducing the appearance of wrinkles. They use ingredients that inhibit facial contractions, fill the wrinkle and smooth the surface.

INHIBIT-TENSOLIFT from Natura Bisse is an expression line corrector that has the ingredients necessary for effective results:Natura Bisse

  • INHIBIT TENSOLIFT contains Octamioxyl, an octapeptide that inhibits facial contractions, thereby preventing the formation of dynamic wrinkles.
  • It contains Dermafill Complex, a combination of active ingredients that includes hyaluronic acid, split into a double molecule that visibly fills the wrinkle.
  • INHIBIT TENSOLIFT also incorporates 3D lifting technology with a cumulative effect; it acts from within the skin, filling the wrinkle and smoothing the surface.

Expensive and intrusive methods to reduce the signs of aging, such as Botox treatments and plastic surgery, can be avoided. You can achieve significant results with creams that are specifically designed to address facial lifting for the restoration of a youthful skin tone.  To learn more about effective skin care products, call Addvantage USA at 888.601.5527.


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