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4 Reasons Why Personal Computers Aren’t Dead

If you want to see through the hype around tablets and mobile devices, you could start by remembering why you love the personal computer.

Gartner, a major technology analyst firm, says that personal computers are in a “relative revival”, based on the growth in PC sales for many manufacturers, including HP, Lenovo, and Dell.  It’s not circumstantial either –they contribute the growth to the needs of users to have more computing power, storage capabilities, and business software (like Microsoft Office).

We believe there are a few more reasons why PCs aren’t dead, and we’ve highlighted them below:

The latest high-tech gadgets still require a connection to a PC

It turns out that many of these great new gadgets require you to plug them into a port on a traditional computer to set them up or transfer information from them.  Take, for example, the latest fitness trackers instruct you to download a PC application from the internet, plug the device into the USB port on a computer, and use the PC application to configure the device for first-time use.  And it’s not just fitness trackers – almost anything that records video or takes photos, including popular adventure cameras require either an SD card slot or USB connection to a PC to download the video and photos from the device.  Try doing that, and editing the video and photos, on anything but a computer.

Our kids are learning on PCs

Children learning on PCEven though it seems that every young child has a tablet in their hands these days, the reality is that our schools are using personal computers to teach.  Computer labs in schools feature PCs and our children are learning word processing, internet use, and gaming on PCs.  Not to mention our child’s use of the older laptop or desktop that you may have around the house.  This is creating a preference for computers with our children.  As they move beyond school, companies they will be working for still issue PCs or laptops as their primary work device.

The quickest way to get the job done is on a PC

When it comes to our busy schedules and competing priorities, we need to have a device that allows us to work quickly.  Computers do that.  From quickly creating a document in Microsoft Word (the templates are great) to developing a quick monthly budget in Microsoft Excel, the PC is the most efficient device. For those multi-taskers that can’t seem to have less than 4 applications open at once, the PC gives you flexibility to work on two monitors, and even have multiple applications open side-by-side.  Now that’s getting the job done!

Humans are creatures of habit – we like what we know

Why would we make it harder on ourselves to get work done?  We know the PC, how to use it, and where we need to go to make it just right for us.  And, all of our familiar programs, like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Outlook, and Internet Explorer, work just right on a PC.  When it comes to printing and connecting other devices, nothing does it better than the PC – just plug it in and it works!  And, we can’t overlook probably the biggest factor in making a decision about technology; price.

PCs are one of the best “bang for the buck” technology purchases, with their affordability, ease of use, and powerful systems making them the easy choice for families looking to get the most versatility and value from their technology.

Addvantage USA understands computers and features the latest desktop and laptop offerings from top brands like Apple, HP, and Lenovo. If you would like to learn more about how these products can make things simpler for you, contact AddvantageUSA at 888-601-5527.

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