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The Basic Equation for Weight Loss to Keep That New Year’s Resolution

You can manage your weight through a basic equation: Calories Consumed – Calories Burned

It’s the New Year and the time is right for all kinds of New Year’s resolutions, including “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to be healthier”.  The US Government has an entire web site dedicated to weight management and physical activity.  It’s no surprise that this resolution is so popular, because it can also be the most complex.  But it doesn’t have to be.

Start with the basic equation: calories in minus calories out, with the objective to have a negative number in the end, and customize the routine specifically for you.

You can reduce “calories in” by choosing leaner meats, substituting vegetables for carbs, and reducing sugar-rich drinks throughout the day – easily eliminating 1,000 calories per day.  There are also nutrition supplements on the market, which help increase your metabolism and curb your appetite.  These can help you reach your desired outcome faster.

For the “calories burned” side of the equation, things get exciting and fun!  There are a variety of ways you calorie burn throughout the day, from walking and running to weight training and interval training, but it should start with a goal.  Keeping in mind that 3,500 calories represent one pound of fat, you can set your weight loss goals with a target weekly pound loss target and calculate the calories you need to burn (based on your target calorie intake) to reach that goal.

Here are the three keys to health & fitness success:

  1. Setting Goals:

There are a number of devices to help you set your goals and monitor your progress, starting with the latest fitness trackers, like Fitbit or Garmin’s Vivofit.  Many of the new smartphones now offer health and fitness tracking apps, like Samsung’s S Health and Apple’s Health app.

  1. Accountability & Encouragement:

Sometimes it’s not enough to just hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals – it takes somebody else to give you that extra nudge to get out of bed on that cold morning to make the cardio class at the gym.  Partner up with somebody who will go on the journey with you, a spouse or close friend is best, and not only hold each other accountable, but encourage each other and share in the success of reaching goals – even if the goal for that day is getting out of bed to make that class!

  1. Re-invent The Experience:

If you’re like most people, exercise can get boring quickly.  Make sure to always explore new exercises and reinvent your workouts.  Introduce new types of workouts, like Functional Training, Tabata, military-style boot camp programs (this isn’t as scary as it sounds), and weight training.  There are new free movement weight training products that support these types of workouts, and mixing up your workouts will create what’s called “muscle confusion” which increases calorie burn and creates leaner muscle faster.  Don’t be afraid to build some muscle; muscles are the furnaces of our body and they play a very important role in burning calories.

For your New Year’s resolution, remember it’s just a basic equation that can be easily managed to maximize results and get you to your goal fast.

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