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Why Does the Fragrance of Perfume Change

The fragrance of a perfume can mysteriously change. Why is that?

As an example, you remember the enchanting fragrance of the perfume your friend was wearing at a recent gathering. You thought to yourself that you must have it for yourself. You rush to the store the next day, find the perfume by name, try it – but, the fragrance is not the same.

The first thing to note is that there are several different kinds of perfume. As we discussed in our recent post “What Kind of Perfume to Buy” there are different concentration levels of perfumes. So, the name of the perfume is not enough. You need to understand if it is the Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, or the pure version simply called Perfume or Parfume.

Another important point to understand about perfume is that the fragrance of perfume is measured in fragrance notes. These notes enter and leave based upon the length of time the perfume was applied.

  • The Top Note has the full range of the fragrance. In some instances, only the Perfume has the top note. And even then, will be available for only the first five minutes, or so, following application.
  • The Middle Note is a more rounded version of the scent. This scent will last up to an hour after application.
  • The Base Note is a deep and mellow version of the perfume’s scent that occurs as the Middle Note passes and will last for the remaining duration of time.

So, when you go into a store to test perfume, you are experiencing the Top Note, whereas, you may have been struck by the scent after your friend had the perfume, or a more concentrated version, on for a couple of hours. The foundation fragrance is there, but the scent is not exactly the same as what you recall. The scent you were experiencing on your friend may have been the Middle or Base Notes of the fragrance.

Another reason for perfume to register differently to us is just because of the way our sense of smell works. For instance, if we are experiencing the same smell, pleasant or unpleasant, for more than 5 minutes, our brain attempts to disregard it. So we may not smell a perfume on our own person after only a few minutes, but, others do smell the fragrance as they initially approach us.

Also, our sense of smell changes with age. So the perfume that a young girl applied while playing ‘dress up’ will not necessarily spark the same memories as an adult. Our degraded sense of smell could register a totally different response as we grow older.

Lastly, perfume does not have the same fragrance on all people. Perfume is a combination of oils from different sources. The chemical reaction of perfume oils to our individual skin oils can cause a unique result at the Top, Middle, or Base Notes. The perfume you smelled on your friend may be a significantly different fragrance on you just because of your differing eating habits, life-styles, etc.

So, the reasons that a perfume can have a scent significantly different from what we expect is not really mysterious. The reasons are due to a number of factors; some reasons are unique to this liquid version of romance – and others not so unique when you consider that the scent of perfume is merely the result of a chemical reaction.

To learn more about different types and brands of perfumes, call us at 888.601.5527 or contact us at AddvantageUSA.

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