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What Kind of Perfume to Buy

Selecting a woman’s perfume is an art. Understanding and appreciating the different types of perfume, knowing how long fragrance lasts, and learning the best ways to apply fragrance can be as challenging (and as fun) as the art of the wine connoisseur.

A man going to buy perfume starts out with the misconception that if the love-of-his-life were with him, she would know everything there is to know about perfume selections. Wrong.

Bond no 9 Bleeker StreetThe woman wearing the fragrance has questions like, Why does my perfume smell different after 30 minutes than it did when I first put it on? How long will it last? Why does my Mom’s perfume, which I put on when I played ‘dress up’ as a young girl, not have the same fragrance on me now that I am older? And more.

Let’s begin with the basic differences between perfume, cologne and the others. We will cover all of these questions here and in future posts.

The different kinds of perfume

When we shop for a fragrance, we see different names like perfume, cologne, toilet. The differences are basically the concentration of compounds or oils in the fragrance. Perfume, also seen as Parfume, is the most concentrated, Perfume will have no water or alcohol added. This will be the most pure version of the fragrance.

The next levels in concentration would be Eau de Parfum, then Eau de Toilette, and finally Eau de Cologne.

As stated by The Perfumed Court:

  • Perfume extract: 20%-50% aromatic compounds
  • Eau de parfum: 10-30% aromatic compounds
  • Eau de toilette: 5-20% aromatic compounds
  • Eau de colonge:  2-5% aromatic compounds
The concentration determines the length of time the scent will last. Perfume will last up to seven hours. Eau de parfum can last up to 5 hours; and so on.

What is the best kind of perfume to buy

One might think that buying the most concentrated and pure kind would be the best to buy. That would be perfume. It surely is the most expensive kind. But, is that the best decision?

Actually there are downsides to perfume over the less concentrated variations. For instance, perfume is not sold as a spray. It is meant to be applied with a dropper in small quantities. Also, because of its high concentration level, perfume is applied in limited places on the body.

The other variations of perfume, such as eau de parfum, can be applied with a spray applicator. So, the bottle can fit nicely in a purse for easy re-application throughout the day. In addition, the less concentrated variations can be applied to more parts of the body without being excessive. The less concentrated variations are sometimes preferred by the woman because of their flexibility. As many things, though, this is a personal preference.

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There is more to talk about. Subscribe to our Blog to see future posts on this subject. Let us know what your preferences are regarding perfume by commenting below. What works best for you?


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